Join the Coalition

If you are a student, we hope you will consider joining the coalition through any of the options below.

If you are a teacher or school administrator and would like to get involved, please contact us directly.

If you are a parent, continue to support your child and be aware of the resources available online.

Join our Remind

If you want to make an impact, join our Remind!

We will use our Remind to organize action among all students within our coalition. This will include coordinated emailing of representatives in the State General Assembly, letter sending, and more. 

Text: @dmvstud to 81010

Join Our Club Officer Group

Are you a mental health, community, or political action club officer? Join our Officer group!

As a member of our Officer Group, you will be our line of communication to your club. We will be able to communicate action and goals more effectively to your club mates, while you will be able to give input into the coalition and share the perspectives of your club mates. 

Joining with your club will help us build a larger base of support

Join the team

Want to directly work with the coalition? Join us!

Join the team and work to make a change. Together, we will improve the mental health of students statewide. 

Help with platform development, student outreach, action organization, and more.

Spread the Word

We aim to expand our coalition to as many schools, clubs, and students as possible.

Talking to your friends, club leaders, administration, etc. will help spread the word and inform more people about our mission.

Spreading our survey helps to increase responses, which will allow us to see patterns across schools and communities, and allow us to better address the needs of students