Offering Help

It's very important to offer help to friends, family, and others who need support. You don't have to be a professional to help loved ones through difficult times. Often, friends and family play large roles in the process of support and recovery. Below are resources to help prepare you for these support roles.

Active Minds

Visit the Active Minds website and go to the 'Offering Help' section.

Active Minds provides an overview of a support role, the best way to provide support, and what to except when doing so.

Active Minds also gives further information about how to offer support in specific relationships, such as friend, family member, student, etc. 


NAMI explains the different aspects of a supporting a loved one and how to best help those in need. 

NAMI provides further in-depth information about how to support both family members and friends respectively. 


MHA explains how to support others based on the severity of the situation, ranging from no current mental health concerns to crisis.

MHA provides resources and services to find specific mental health professional help based on the situation