2022 Maryland Legislative Window 

During the 2022 Maryland Legislative Window, DMV Students for Mental Health Reform advocated for 2 bills: HB0118: Excused Absences for Mental Health Needs, & HB657: Standardized Behavioral Screenings in Schools


HB0118 established Mental Health Days in public schools across the state of Maryland. Mental Health Days are excused absences from school for mental health related reasons.

Last year, Excused Mental Health Days only passed the house during the 2021 Legislative Session. Therefore we prioritized the bill during the 2022 legislative session by sending emails, calling our local legislators, and submitting written testimonies in favor of the bill. The bill passed both chambers and will be implemented in the 2023 school year. 


HB657 sought to establish universal behavioral checks for all students in Maryland, to assess the well-being of students, and determine students who were at risk of mental health challenges and those who needed additional support.

At the beginning of the legislative session last year, we partnered and worked with a delegate to introduce this bill on the house floor. While it did fail, we are optimistic in reintroducing it during the next legislative session.