Additional Information

It's important to stay informed about mental illness. From warning signs and symptoms to public policy and societal effects, it helps everyone to be educated. Use the resources below to learn more.


Visit the National Institute of Mental Health website and go to the 'Mental Health Information' section. 

Provides in depth information about several major mental health conditions, as additional information like Woman's mental health, suicide prevention, genetics, etc.  

The NIMH website contains relevant statistics and additional mental health education to provide a comprehensive understanding of the mental health crisis.


The 'Learn More' section provides information on mental health conditions, statistic surrounding mental health, new research and discoveries, etc. 

The 'Public Policy' section provides information on current legislation and its impact, as well as proposed legislation and its intended impact.

The MHA toolkits, such as the 'Back to School' toolkits provide practical information and strategies on mental health, how to identify mental health conditions, how to support others, etc. in the real world. provides information about several different mental health conditions, common misconceptions about mental health, and other necessary facts. 

The 'Talk about Mental Health' section deep dives into how people in certain roles (i.e parents, friends, educators, etc.) can support mental health and effect a change.


The 'Mental Health Conditions' and 'Know the Signs' subsections deep dive into information about mental health afflictions

The 'Mental Health by the Numbers' and 'Fact Sheet Library' subsections put into context the mental health crisis and provide practical information about mental health

The 'Public Policy' and 'Research' subsections provide current information surrounding mental health legislation and developments the scientific body.