We talked to students. We ran surveys and got 1,000+ responses. Here are two examples of what students shared with us:

''[Counselors] seem overworked like they have too many students to be very helpful''

''With the high population at my and other high schools, it's simply too hard to actually have each student's concerns addressed. So possibly, having more mental health personnel/resources could help"



Our Mission

Our mission is to educate others about the factors that are contributing to the U.S. mental health crisis and utilize the collective power of our voices to push for change at the local and state levels.

About us 

 We are a coalition of students from high schools in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia who are passionate about mental health reform. 

Our Work

We are advocating for 3 platforms:

1) Mental health days 

2) Prioritization of mental health education 

3)  Re-apportionment of funds 

Our Theory of ActioN.

Help students feel supported

Be a part of real change